Fantasy Football Definition of "Houshmazoo"

A tongue in cheek nickname for Seattle Seahawks WR TJ Houshmanzadeh based on a common mispronunciation of his unwieldy name. You may have noticed that FF offers all kinds of nicknames for players. I chalk this up to the fact that FF is fun -- it is meant to be fun, and people have fun shooting the breeze and gooching both NFL players and their fellow fantasy football managers. Sometimes the nickname is unintentional. People have trouble saying his last name and spit out the first thing they can think of. Other time, it is just easier to write "Housh". We all know who you're talking about.

n his ninth season in the NFL, Houshmanzadeh is playing for the first time on a team not named the Cincinnati Bengals. Housh was a must-draft around 2006-2007 when he put up his biggest statistical years. Those two years alone, Housh racked up 2,200 yards receiving and 21 TDs. His stats started to drop off in the 2008 season, and now that he's with a different team (and a new QB) you can expect even lower stats this season. On a positive note, Housh is now a WR1 with his new team, and is no longer hiding in the shadow of a guy like Chad Ochocinco.

Most fantasy football drafts this season found Housh available as late as the fourth round -- not surprising for a 32 year old big-headed guy switching to a new QB and a new system. The fantasy experts have him listed as somewhere around the 20th best WR draft pick, though the opinion in my league is that he should fall even lower than that. Since Housh is basically guaranteed 90+ receptions this season, a PPR league may find him going much earlier than projected.

Spend enough time watching Seahawks football and you'll hear his name pronounced a hundred different ways. In reality, his actual last name is not difficult to say. Sound it out with me -- Housh-man-za-deh. However, I think the Seahawks will have enough trouble this season without worrying about announcers and color commentators pronouncing their WRs name right.

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