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Fantasy Football Definition of "General Managers"

Sometimes a team owner in a fantasy football league is called the "General Manager". That's because the role the fantasy football owner plays is most like the GM among the NFL front office positions. In the NFL, general managers are hired by the NFL team owners to run their franchise and an NFL GM builds the team by hiring the head coach and team scouts and drafting or signing the team's players through free agency.

Fantasy Football GM

The fantasy general manager builds his fantasy team much like an NFL General Manager. As the GM, you will draft every player on your team, as well as adding free agents through whatever waiver wire process your league has. And like an NFL GM, when a team no longer has enough value to your team's efforts to win, you will waive that player in the add/drop process or waiver wire.

Owner and General Manager

While the fantasy general manager is an accepted term for fantasy football team owners, most of the time, you'll see the fantasy GM referred to as the team owner or fantasy owner - and you'll certainly see that reference here on this fantasy football site. In fantasy football, being "owner" and "general manager" is generally the same. Everyone who plays fantasy football is like Jerry Jones of his own fantasy franchise.

When Owners Aren't GM's

This isn't always the case, though. There is one league I'm in that I have a friend who wants to be part of our league and wants to post on our boards occasionally, he doesn't have the time nor inclination to log onto our league website and actually do what it takes to compete in fantasy football. He's got a busy job, two daughters in high school and a younger son who takes all his time. Since this league is a 36-man roster IDP dynasty league where you start 16 players (including a head coach) in your starting lineup and because we have rules that actually encourage teams to make a few trades in a year, it's a pretty high intensity league.

After two years of my friend - who had Tom Brady and a cast of pretty good players to start the league - had two dismal years due mainly to indifference, I told him he had to get a general manager for his team to remain in the league. I told him I wanted him to be part of our group, but we wanted to have real competition - not a walkover. So, to his credit, he got the commissioner of his old league to be his general manager. So far, that's worked out pretty well and the new GM has the fantasy football team 2-1 and pointed in the right direction.

So as you can see, not all fantasy general managers are fantasy owners.

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