Game-Time Decision

Fantasy Football Definition of "Game Time Decision"

A "game-time decision" is a coach's decision on whether an injured NFL player will be active or inactive during the game, or whether that player is going to take the field and play. Gametime decisions are the bane of fantasy football owners, because this forces them into a 50/50 decision on whether they should start a star fantasy football player or not.

Imagine if you have Adrian Peterson on your team and he's a "Game-time Decision". If you start Adrian Peterson and the coach decides Peterson won't play, you just put a 0 in your starting lineup. If you decide to bench Adrian Peterson and he plays, he's likely to put a whole lot more fantasy points on the board than whichever RB you have behind him on your fantasy bench. So you are forced into a coin-toss decision where you're just as likely to be kicking yourself as not.

It should be noted that fantasy football owners hate nothing more than starting the wrong player, because that means they left huge points on the bench that could have helped them win. Perhaps the only thing they hate more is starting a player who gets a 0 or a low score due to injury - either by late benching or by an injury on the first series of the game.

Game-Time Decisions and Early Starts

Game-time decisions are less troublesome for Sunday 1pm Eastern starts, because most league's lineup submission deadline is either 12 noon or just before that. Since most team's release their Inactive List about 45 minutes to an hour before kickoff time, that leaves owners who watch such things plenty of time to switch out their lineup, if their "gametime decision" star player is made inactive by the coach.

Game-Time Decisions and Late Starts

Players whose games start at 4pm Eastern time are much harder game-time decisions. This player's fantasy owner isn't going to have an Inactive List to look at, so the owner is going to have to rely on media reports and statements by team officials - statements that are often days old and sometimes intentionally deceptive. Some fantasy football owners prefer to draft players from cities in Eastern and Central time zones, so they have fewer late game-time decisions. Other owners simply bench any player who is a late game-time decision.

Game-Time Decisions - Sunday Night Games - Monday Night Games

Sunday night games decisions are harder than Sunday late afternoon games, because there is likely to be less information available. The worst or hardest starting lineup decisions to make are Monday Night Football game-time decisions. There are more than 30 hours between the time you have to start your starting lineup and when your MNF players play.

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