FL - Fum - Fumbles Lost

Fantasy Football Definition of "FL", "Fum", and "Fumbles Lost"

"FL" and "Fum" show up in box scores and stats lines as shorthand designations in fantasy football for "fumbles" or "fumbles lost". Some leagues penalize any fumble by a player you start, while other leagues only penalize fumbles lost. In leagues than deduct points for a fumble lost, you're likely to lose 2 points every time your player has a fumble that the other team recovers.

This creates the situation where a player can get negative points for you, if they have a particularly bad week.

Fumbles and Team Defense

On team defense, you'll see "fum rec" or "FR" to describe when a defensive player has had a fumble recovery. Recovered fumbles usually total points for an NFL defense in fantasy football: usually 1 to 2 points, but sometimes 3.

Fumble Recoveries and IDP Stats

Fumble recoveries tend to count 2 to 3 points in IDP leagues, depending on how much scoring there is your league and how much your league wants to encourage owners to draft individual defensive players high.

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