Fantasy Football Definition of "Fumble Recovery Touchdown"

A fumble recovery for a touchdown is labeled an "FrTD" in the box scores and stat lines of most fantasy football league sites. When you see the initials "FrTD" in your league scoring summary or your league's scores, you'll know that the Defense/Special Teams unit or IDP player this is listed under scored a fumble recover touchdown.

Fumble Recovery Touchdown

Fumble recovery touchdowns are one of the rarest ways to score in fantasy football, especially since the NFL passed rules that offensive players cannot advance the ball for a touchdown when another member of the offense fumbled the ball. Even among defensive scores, the fumble recovered for a touchdown is less likely to happen than an interception for a touchdown or a special teams touchdown, which can happen either on a punt return and a kickoff return. These generally happen when a quarterback is hit near his own goal line and a defensive lineman or blitzing linebacker carries the ball into the endzone.

For this reason, fantasy football owners who are the victim of the FrTD curse and consider this a major piece of bad luck. In fact, because this happens so rarely, the designation FrTd is likely to catch the owner entirely unaware, and he's likely to wonder what the heck happened that gave the D/ST a touchdown.

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