Fantasy Football Definition of "Flyer"

A "flyer" or "flier" is a adding a player to your fantasy football roster through the draft or free agency whom you don't have a whole lot of faith in. You decide this person has "upside" for some reason, so you draft them in the hopes they fulfill their fantasy football potential. There's usually some obstacle to this happening, such as not being a full-time starter, a history of injuries or being on a really bad offense. Because of this, many (but not all) fantasy football players you draft will be marginally "fantasy worthy".

By the end of drafts in really deep leagues, most teams are taking flyers on the players they draft. They are hoping one or two or their handful of flyers will "make the team"; that is, become contributing roster members. One or two late round picks every year before breakout players, due to opportunities created by injuries, lack of injury on their part or being part of a surprisingly potent offense.

Why Draft a Flyer?

Flyers aren't such a bad thing in fantasy football. Every year, there are 5-10 highly productive fantasy football players who don't get drafted at all. These players become prized free agents that teams hope to add through the waiver wire sometime early in the season. Players taking a flyer late in the draft on a player simply hope they draft one of these players, though the odds are stacked against them. And when the flyer obviously doesn't work out, the player generally doesn't have to sweat dropping them from their fantasy roster. They drop the flyer and add a free agent flyer of the add/drop list.

Flyers and Championships

Keep in mind that a player drafted late in a fantasy draft can become just as productive as other players on the team in the right circumstances. Locating a player with major upside becomes the trick, because most flyers are going to be just that - guys sitting at the end of your bench. Even the ones who are highly productive usually won't help your roster out the first month of the fantasy season, because unless your team is really bad or really injured, you'll be starting your big name, high round draft picks for weeks before you realize the flyer is the better starting option.

But it's nice to have the successful flyer on your team, nevertheless.

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