Fantasy Football Definition of "Fitz"

"Fitz" is an abbreviation for "Fitzgerald", as in "Larry Fitzgerald". You always know a player has notoriety when that player receives a one-word nickname everyone knows. Ironically, Larry Fitzgerald was a much bigger fantasy football name than mainstream fan favorite until the 2008 playoffs. That's because Fitz languished in Phoenix as a wide receiver for the lowly Arizona Cardinals, who had won one playoff game in 50+ years.

Larry Fitzgerald and the 2008 Playoff Run

In 2008, the Arizona Cardinals won their division with a weak-looking 9-7 record and were about a slightly better even-money bet to win their first home playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons. No one seriously thought the Cardinals would make a playoff run, given the fact they had started strong in a weak division, but faded fast in the last half of the season, losing 4 of their last 6 regular season games. Led by Fitz, the Cardinals went on an amazing 3-game playoff win streak and nearly pulled off a Super Bowl upset of the eventual champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

Larry Fitzgerald had arguably the best playoffs of any wide receiver in the history of the NFL. In four playoff games, Fitz posted 30 receptions for 546 yards and 7 touchdowns. All three stats were postseason records. This catapulted Larry Fitzgerald from a known fantasy football powerhouse and a player that NFL insiders considered "arguably the best receiver" in the league into a mainstream NFL superstar. To begin the 2009 NFL Season, Larry Fitzgerald is seen on the front NFL preview magazines and fantasy football draft guides seemingly everywhere.

Larry Fitzgerald - Minnesota Vikings Ball Boy

Fitz came to the NFL a lot earlier than many people imagined. When he was a growing up the son of a Minneapolis-area sports writer, Larry Fitzgerald Sr., Larry Fitzgerald was a ballboy for the Minnesota Vikings. Dennis Green was the Vikings head coach at the time (the 1990's) and knew Larry Fitzgerald. So when Fitz caught 34 TD passes in 26 games at the University of Pitt and became a highly-touted NFL draft prospect in the 2004 NFL Draft, it was only natural for draft experts to speculate that Larry Fitzgerald would be drafted by the Arizona Cardinals with the 3rd overall pick, because Dennis Green was now the Cardinals head coach.

Sure enough, the Cardinals drafted Larry Fitzgerald 3rd overall, and the tall, sure-handed receiver has been a mainstay of the Cards' offense ever since. Fitz is not considered the fastest of wide receivers, but at 6'3", Larry Fitzgerald can go over defensive backs to grab the ball. Fitz is also known for making spectacular and difficult catches in traffic, so his quarterbacks have a trust he is going to come down with jump balls. Despite his lack of blazing speed, Larry Fitzgerald has shown the ability to make big plays in big games (46 regular season NFL touchdowns) and the ability to move the chains alike. Fitz is considered a franchise player, because he is also considered a "character guy" who isn't going to cause a lot of problems in the locker room (despite his brother recently starting controversies on Twitter).

So if somebody mentions "Fitz" to you during a conversation about football, just nod your head and say "sticky fingers".

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