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Fantasy Football Definition of "Fantasy Super Bowl"

The "Fantasy Super Bowl" is the league championship game in any given fantasy football league. It is often also called the "Fantasy Bowl". Individual leagues might have their own unique names for their title game. For instance, in one league I'm in (The Insane League), the fantasy superbowl is known as the Insane Bowl. Fantasy Super Bowls usually follow the same single-elimination format that the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl follow.

Fantasy Football Playoffs

Different leagues plan their fantasy playoffs differently. Some leagues have a restrictive playoff qualification system, where only 4 teams out of 12 make the playoffs. Others have liberal playoff qualification rules, where 8 out of the 12 league teams qualify for the playoffs. In the first system, the playoffs tend to be two weeks long, though some leagues have a 2-week fantasy super bowl showdown, where both teams start a lineup each week. In the 8-team playoff, there is a single-elimination, 3-week playoff bracket culminating in a fantasy bowl.

Most leagues tend to have a 5-team or 6-team playoff bracket, allowing roughly half the league's teams into their playoffs. In a 6-team playoffs, the division winners with the two best overall records receive a bye week (where they play no one and get an automatic bid into the 2nd week of the playoffs). Those four teams which play in the 1st week of the playoffs are said to be wildcard teams or wildcards. The winners of the wild card playoff games play the two teams with byes, with the winner of those two contests moving on to the Fantasy Super Bowl.

In a 5-team playoff system for a 12-team league, you'll usually see a 3 divisions of 4 teams. The winners of the three divisions receive byes in the first week of the playoffs. The two teams who don't win their division, but have the next-best records, receive wildcard entries into the playoffs. These two teams play one another in the first week of the playoffs. The winner generally plays the division winner with the best record, while the two other division winners play one another. The winners of these two contests play in the fantasy super bowl in the 3rd week of the playoffs.

Fantasy Super Bowl and Week 17 of the NFL

Usually, fantasy football leagues try to have their season over before the 17th week of the NFL regular season. This is because Week 17 of the NFL generally has a number of the best NFL teams who have already qualified for the playoffs resting players, so they will be better ready for the rigors of the NFL playoffs. If you play your fantasy super bowl in Week 17, one or both teams won't be able to start several of the players who got them to that stage of the season, and therefore the results of the fantasy bowl won't be legitimate.

Fantasy Football Regular Season

Typically, the fantasy football regular season will last from Week 1 to Week 13 of the NFL regular season. This gives the league three weeks to conduct their fantasy football playoffs, with the Fantasy Superbowl coming in Week 16 of the NFL Regular Season Schedule.

Fantasy Super Bowl and Payouts

The winner of the Fantasy Super Bowl receives the lion's share of the league payouts. Some leagues have a winner-take-all system. Other leagues offer a 50-30-20 payout system, where the league champion receives 50% of the money, the runner-up receives 30% of the money and the 3rd-place team (winner of a consolation match between the two losers of the playoff week 2 match-ups) receives 20% of the money. Other leagues have a 60-30-10 format, or allow a 50-30-10-10 format where the best overall points for the season receives a little bit of money for their troubles. The payout systems for leagues can be endless.

Toilet Bowl

Leagues where 6 out of the 12 teams in the leagues make the playoffs often have a "toilet bowl playoffs". The six teams not making the playoffs are put in a bracket similar to the playoff bracket and they compete to see who wins the Fantasy Toilet Bowl. These leagues often have a trophy for the Toilet Bowl winner, which can be anything from a toilet seat Toilet Bowl winners pass around and write their name on, a plunger or even a trophy with a miniature toilet on it.

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