DTD - Defensive Touchdowns

Fantasy Football Definition of "DTD" or "Defensive Touch Downs"

A defensive touchdown or "DTD" in fantasy football happens when one's "Team Defense" scores a touchdown on a fumble or interception. Generally, defensive touchdowns give that Team Defense 6 points in fantasy football, though some systems bestow less or more points on the defense that scores a touchdown.

Defense/Special Teams Touchdown

Often, Team Defenses take into account not only the defensive unit on a team, but that team's special teams unit. When a special teams unit scores a touchdown on a kickoff touchdown or punt return touchdown, the TM Defense is given +6 points (usually). In leagues where team defense and special teams are combined, you'll see them designated as Defense/Special Teams or "DST". This tells you that you'll receive points when that team's punt returner or kick returner scores a touchdown in the kicking game.

Do Other Team's Defensive TDs Count Against My Defense?

Some leagues count off points against your Team Defense when their opponent's defense or special teams score a touchdown. Other leagues, and fantasy football league management resources, do not count special teams and defensive touchdowns as being against your defensive unit. This is because you are trying to account for the effectiveness of a defensive unit, so touchdowns scored against that unit's team when the defensive unit do not really reflect the skill or effectiveness of that team defense. This can be a cause of controversy in a league, because some owners want a simple, easy-to-understand scoring system, while others want a slightly more complicated, but more rational, scoring system.

There are even some league management sites that do not or will not distinguish between the two types of scores, much to the annoyance of those owners who don't want their defenses penalized for scores that happen when their defense isn't on the field.

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