Custom Scoring League

Fantasy Football Definition of "Custom Scoring League"

A "custom scoring league" is a fantasy football league where the owners play by their own unique and idiosyncratic scoring rules. The scoring system in custom scoring leagues tend to be that league's attempt to have the fairest, most balanced scoring system, though some custom scoring league rules are written to have the craziest and most unpredictable rules possible. In either case, custom scoring leagues tend to have lots of scoring rules for lots of different positions.

Custom Scoring Leagues and Websites

Most fantasy football league management sites can accommodate custom scoring leagues, and many tout themselves as being able to do so. There are a few of the major fantasy football management websites who shoehorn leagues into using one of their prefabricated scoring systems, but that is growing rarer.

One drawback to the custom scoring league is finding draft cheat sheets online that rank players according to your league's scoring rules. This makes Average Draft Position or ADP lists inaccurate for your custom scoring league and also makes finding useful printable fantasy football cheat sheets next to impossible. It might also be harder to find a fantasy football draft evaluator which accounts for all of your league's scoring rules.

Custom Scoring League Rules

At the same time, your custom scoring league rules can make your league different than just about any other league out there. This might make it easier to find new owners to play in your league, because someone who's already in several leagues might be intrigued by a scoring system that is so off-the-wall or complicated that it presents a new fantasy football challenge.

Examples of Custom Scoring League Options

Below are a few examples of custom scoring options. Keep in mind that you could come up with an endless variation of custom scoring rules, but this is a list of ideas that are odd, but not too crazy. Most good fantasy football management websites should offer at least 100-125 custom scoring rules to choose from. This is a sign that the website listens to its customers and make additions to its scoring rules programming every season.

  • Penalty Yards
  • Tackles for a Loss
  • Passing First Downs
  • Rushing First Downs
  • Receiving First Downs
  • Point Differential (Head Coach)
  • Penalties
  • Interception Return Yards
  • Passes Defended
  • Punts
  • Punt Yards
  • Average Yards Per Punt
  • Punts Inside 20
  • Punts Had Block
  • Long Punt Returns of 40+ Yards
  • Long Kick Returns of 40+ Yards
  • Field Goal Percentage
  • Length of Passing TD
  • Length of Rushing TD
  • Length of Receiving TD
  • Passer Rating
  • QB Sacked Yardage
  • Rush Attempts
  • Targets (Attempted Passes for Receivers and Tight Ends)

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