Blind Bidding

Fantasy Football "Blind Bidding" Definition

Blind bidding is a type of free agent move that allows all the league's owners an equal chance of acquiring fantasy football free agents. A "blind bid" is a waiver claim on a particular free agent player, with a dollar figure or free agent point value assigned to that player. The team which bids the most in the blind bid process wins that player and is charged that amount from their free agent point reserve. Because no team can see how much the other teams bid, the free agent bidding is considered "blind".

Blind bidding is the fairest waiver wire system in fantasy football. While other waiver rules tend to favor either the teams who had worse drafts (on the waiver priority list) or the owners who camp out on the Internet (on first-come, first-serve waivers), the blind bidding process gives every owner an equal chance to own a free agent, without having a mad scramble for free agents at a prearranged time every week. Blind bids can be made any time from the end of one week's games until the blind bids are processed by the Commissioner, so it fits every owner's schedule.

Blind Bidding and Commissioners

Processing blind bids is a little more work for the Commissioner, but this only requires him to be available at a set time about 10 minutes per week. The Commissioner goes into your fantasy football league management site and looks at the blind bid waiver claims. The teams which bid on a player will be listed and the amount each bid will also be listed.

The Commissioner records all the bids, then deducts the points a team spent on free agents that week from that team's free agent point total. Then the League Commissioner clicks the button to process blind bids, which assigns the correct players to the correct team rosters and drops a player from rosters that are adding a player through blind bidding. (This dropped player is stipulated by the owner at the time they make their blind bid.) Usually, the Fantasy Football Commissioner then posts the bids and the points/dollars spent to win the bids, as well as the free agent point totals moving ahead in the season.

Blind Bidding the eBay Way

Many blind bidding rules use the eBay way of auction bids. That is, you only pay one dollar more than the next highest bidder. If you bid $50 and the next highest bidder bids $45, you pay $46. If you bid $50 and the next highest bidder bids $20, you pay $21. If you bid $50 and there is no other bidder on that free agent, you pay $1.

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