Basic Scoring

Fantasy Football "Basic Scoring" Definition

Basic scoring rules for a fantasy football league give points only for touchdowns, field goals and extra points. For the most part, a true "basic scoring" league doesn't factor in yardage. Because yardage takes into account more than just touchdowns, but actually a player's full contribution to the team's win, leagues that use this scoring format are called "performance leagues". But we're talking about basic scoring leagues here.

Some basic scoring leagues give certain basic consideration to a player's performance, offering a one-time bonus for yard plateaus. If a player gets 100 yards receiving or rushing, you get a small bonus. If a quarterback gets 250 or 300 yards passing, he might get a small bonus. Defenses are likely to get points for turnovers, sacks, and touchdowns, but get nothing for yards against or points against. Otherwise, it's all around the kind of scoring that happens in an NFL game.

Basic Scoring Offense

Commonly, players receive 6 points for an offensive touchdown. Some leagues allow only 4 points for a passing touchdown, so quarterbacks don't dominate league scoring. That's because even an average quarterback scores 20 touchdowns a year, while an average receiver or running back might score 8. A top QB might score 40 touchdowns, while a top RB scores 20 TDs and a top receiver scores 12-15 TDs. As you can see, even with a 4-point passing touchdown, your quarterback is still likely to score the most points (or most consistent points) on your basic scoring fantasy football team.

Basic Scoring Rules

Here's a fairly common look at a basic scoring league scoring system. These will differ slightly from one league to the next.

  • 4 points for a passing touchdown
  • 6 points for a rushing or receiving touchdown
  • 3 points for 300 yards passing
  • 3 points for 100 yards receiving
  • 3 points for a field goal
  • 1 point for an extra point
  • 6 points for a defensive or special teams touchdown
  • 1 point for a sack, interception or fumble recovery

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