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"ADP" Fantasy Football Definition

"Average Draft Position" or ADP is used by many fantasy football websites to chart where individual fantasy football players are being drafted, on average, in that summer's mock drafts or live online drafts. Studying a player's average draft position not only lets you know where a player is likely to be drafted in your local draft, but also allows you to gauge where different positions are likely to be drafted.

For instance, if you're looking at the average draft position in 12-team drafts, there might be a draft where Drew Brees is drafted 15th overall at the 2.3 draft position. In another draft, Drew Brees is drafted 8th overall at the 1.8 draft position. In a third draft, Drew Brees slides down to the 23rd overall pick, being drafted at 2.11. Drew Brees' average draft position in these drafts would be 8 + 15 + 23 = 46, or rounded down to 15th overall at the 3rd pick of the 2nd round. By the ADP, you would know that you're likely to see Drew Brees gone by about the 15th pick in the draft.

Any two drafts are different. (I saw Drew Brees drafted 3rd overall this year.) But if you go to a major online fantasy football site to look at their ADP rankings, you'll see they handle thousands of drafts per year. They compile all these drafts into an average draft position, so you can see a list of who is drafted highest, 2nd highest and so on. Eventually, the volume of drafts mean that the ADP is a pretty accurate gauge of where the "average fantasy football owner" values that player. For better or worse, you'll know your local owners aren't likely to be average.

Fantasy football fanatics wanting to see an average draft position list in the offseason can look at AntSports, which has live mock drafts from May until the opening of the NFL football season. These ADP rankings on a mock draft site will move a lot throughout the course of the summer, as players move up the depth chart or get hurt.

If you want to see a good example of an ADP list for live online drafts, you can look at MyFantasyLeague's ADP rankings. When you draft online at My Fantasy League, absent owners can set their draft status to automatically take the next player off the ADP list (even setting it to draft one position one round and another position off the ADP list the next round). I've seen one owner do this and end up with a highly competitive team. You could say the average fantasy football player generally knows what he's doing.

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