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Fantasy sports is a  $1 billion industry, and the  Fantasy Sports Trade Association estimates that roughly 27 million Americans now play fantasy sports. And now, fantasy sports phone apps are becoming a big part of that industry.

Like everything else, technology has left its mark on fantasy sports. You’ve seen the iPhone commercials. “There’s an app for that.”

Many sites now offer fantasy football via smartphone devices like the iPhone, the Blackberry, and copies of these. This is going to redefine the fantasy sports hobby once more and likely lead to more and more fantasy sports apps to be developed in the future.

The perks of these mobile applications are profuse for fantasy football players and will undoubtedly become more and more multifaceted as software development progresses. You can already manage your team in real-time anytime, anywhere, keeping up with game day action, viewing league matchups, and even tracking your players’ stats in efforts to improve your team’s performance. Fantasy sports phone apps make it that much easier and convenient to play fantasy football.

Yahoo and ESPN have recently launched new mobile applications that enable  expert fantasy sports advice and sports news reports. The ESPN iPhone app is now available for $4.99, which is a great deal when you weigh the advantages.

If you are new to fantasy football, you might not realize the opportunities that this type of gaming affords. Before the Internet and wireless access, you’d lost precious timing on decisions when you were away from the television. But now via your cell phone Internet, you can execute trades, switch up your starting lineup, and pick up free agents and drop defective players on the go.

Fantasy football players each spend about $150 per year, on average, on this hobby. That  includes money spent on books, magazines, and websites that offer insight into the game.

The expense of these mobile fantasy sports apps will likely seem like a small cost to avid gamers when compared to some of these other expenditures.

The most recent fantasy sports phone app released by ESPN got more than 350,000 downloads in one month.

Fantasy sports phone applications are the next trend in fantasy sports. If you haven’t done so, you should check out what’s out there and which apps are compatible with your phone model. The opportunity to have personalized updates and headline alerts in the palm of your hand is too good to pass up.

This was a guest post from John H. John is an avid football fan, and when he’s not rooting for the Atlanta Falcons he’s writing about online poker at

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