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The Best Fantasy Hockey Trophies

Coming up with a fantasy hockey trophy idea isn’t that hard, once you start to think about all the equipment hockey players use. Making your fantasy hockey trophies stand out and be something worth fighting for is maybe a little harder, but a fantasy hockey trophy is going to take on a life of its own, once it’s in the league a few years.

Even the silliest-looking trophy, medal, plaque or piece of hockey equipment is going to become a prize, if it symbolizes excellence in your fantasy hockey league. With that in mind, here are some fantasy hockey trophy ideas.

Fantasy Hockey Trophy Mugs

The NHL has the Stanley Cup. Maybe your fantasy hockey league should have the Stanley Mug. You can buy fantasy hockey trophy mugs online at any number of places. You can order them with the champion’s team name on the mug. He can bring it to next year’s fantasy hockey draft.

Youth Hockey Medals and Trophies

Find sites on the Internet that sells youth hockey medals, trophies and plaques for youth hockey achievements and buy some of these. They’re hockey-themed and they’re cheap, so you and your fantasy hockey league aren’t out a lot of money. You’ll probably find one or two that are funny trophies in the context of an adult sports competition.

Remember to give your hockey trophy a memorable name. Name it after your league. Name it after your local hockey superstar. Name it after your league’s most-hated hockey player, coach or ref. I would suggest a trophy to enshrine the best team in the regular season and a trophy for the winner of the playoffs.

Hockey Helmet Trophy

Take an old hockey helmet and make it your trophy. The champion can sign his name and the year he was champion with a sharpie on the helmet every year and take the helmet home to display it (and annoy his wife). The helmet will fill up pretty quickly, but that just gives it character.

Hocket Stick Trophy

Buy a hockey stick and wrap it with tape. Then have the yearly league champion sign his name, his team name and the year the title was won somewhere along the length of the hockey stick. Once again, the winner takes the champion’s stick home with him from the fantasy draft every year.

Custom Hockey Jersey

Get a custom hockey jersey with the word “champ” or “champion” stitched on the back of the jersey. Every year at the fantasy hockey draft, you can present the champion with the jersey to put on and wear at the draft, like they do with the green jacket at the Masters or the yellow jacket at the Tour de France.

Any Other Hockey Equipment

Just about any other hockey equipment will do as a trophy. Consider a goalie pad version of the hockey stick or helmet. Consider a special-looking hockey puck. Consider a seat from your local gym or hockey arena, if it’s being replaced or torn down. Consider any old hockey jersey, if you can deface it with a sharpie. Pretty much any hockey item that has meaning to two or more members of your fantasy hockey league is a good fantasy hockey trophy idea.

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