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Fantasy hockey leagues often put a little of money on the line, just to make things more interesting. Some fantasy hockey fans are happy with bragging rights or funny fantasy hockey trophy, but some fantasy hockey players prefer to wager something a little more tangible. Those who play fantasy hockey online with strangers are almost certain to play for a money prize, if they consider themselves a serious fantasy hockey owner.

So if you want to put some dollars on the line, where can you find a money league for fantasy hockey? I’ll try to direct you to several fantasy hockey sites and contests where you can gamble on your fantasy hockey skill. Remember, if you’re good enough at it, fantasy sports isn’t a game of luck, but a game of skill.

Sporting News Fantasy Hockey Contests

Sporting News has a couple of different options if you want to play fantasy hockey for money. You can play the “Hockey Salary Cap Challenge” with a grand prize of $1,500 or you can play the “Hockey Salary Cap Ultimate” for a grand prize of $1,500. Both contests include over 200 cash prizes apiece.

The Fantasy Hockey Salary Cap Challenge requires you to invest $30 million in a roster of 7 players. You buy and sell players in a dynamic market and compete against a league you either join or create yourself. This fantasy hockey challenge is free to join.

The Fantasy Hockey Salary Cap Ultimate lets you invest $50 million (imaginary) in a roster of 12 players. Once again, you add/drop players in a dynamic waiver market and compete against a league of fantasy hockey owners. You win your league and you can go on to win the $1500 grand prize. Once again, this game is free to play.

CDM Sports Hockey Games

Multiple fantasy hockey leagues you can join, including the TQ Stats hockey league manager leagues, the “Draft and Play” fantasy hockey, the Hockey Pool, Fantasy Hockey Point-Style Scoring, Free Fantasy Hockey contests and the CDM Fantasy Hockey Playoffs. Starting costs range up to $70, while the grand prizes range between $2,500 and $10,000, depending on the contests.

CBS Sportsline Fantasy Hockey

No fantasy hockey management websites look better than CBS Sports Fantasy Hockey, but I know of one player who never got his check for winning one of their leagues. So I can’t exactly recommend the site itself. Join a CBSSportsline fantasy hockey league for money at your own risk, though I can recommend the CBS Sportsline free games, that give all the tools you want for a fun fantasy hockey season.

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