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Surfing the Internet recently, I haven’t seen a whole lot of tips for winning at fantasy golf, which surprised me a little bit, since I hadn’t looked in a while. I’ve played some fantasy golf here and there, so I decided to come up with my own advice for how to win at fantasy golf.

New fantasy golf competitors can follow this advice and maybe fake it at their fantasy golf draft. Tip #1, draft Tiger if you have the first pick. But you could have written that yourself, couldn’t you?

1. Find Young Veterans – Most PGA golfers hit their prime when they hit their 30s, so target golfers in that age range. 40-year old golfers’ skills and stamina begin to decline. Besides, they probably have other things on their mind: neglected children, grandchildren, business interests outside golf, boredom with the same lifestyle, mid-life crisis.

20-something golfers have the physical tools, but most of them still haven’t figured out how to be consistent as a professional golfer. They might be able to win a tournament or place high here or there, but you’re looking for consistency in your fantasy golfers.

2. Read Expert Comments – Read any expert column or analysis you can find. That doesn’t mean following their advice. Just collect information. Fantasy golf owners want as much information about the golfers as they can get their hands on. When you start to make your decisions, you’ll have a list of pros and cons for each golfer. This will allow you to upgrade or downgrade golfers from their previous golf season.

Read golf magazines. Listen to the Golf Channel. Study online golf updates. Download golf podcasts to your iPod. Collect as much fantasy golf info as you can find. Become your own golf database.

3. Search For Changes in Golfers’ Games – When you’re reading golf news and updates, search for changes that have happened to the PGA golfers. Has one acquired a new golf coach? Has he changed his swing? Was he married in the offseason? Did he have his first child? Are there any injury concerns being reported?

When you see these changes, analyze them. Most of the time, I don’t like when a golfer has undergone some major change in his golf game or his lifestyle. I prefer to see continuity. Changes in his swing or his coaching generally means uncertainty and a certain time of adjustment. While this golfer is making his adjustments, your opponents’ golfers are winning tournaments.

Having a new wife or child is a bit less tangible and something I pay a little less attention to. Golf is often a golfers’ refuge, where things remain the same.

But sometimes, a pro golfer has other things on his mind than making the leader board and helping your fantasy golf team. At the same time, a new wife might mean the golfer is spending less time carousing and more time practicing his swing. So in a tiebreaker situation, go with the guy who has the more stable life situation, but pay more attention to his golf decisions than life decisions.

4. Avoid Injuries – Injuries are going to happen in all sports. What you want to avoid is drafting a golf player onto your fantasy golf roster when you already know he’s fighting injuries. Nothing hurts a player’s results more than nagging aches and injuries, especially back or knee troubles. Back pain can affect a golf swing, throwing off the player’s whole game. If you see a player has an injury that could linger, drop him down your list a bit.

5. Study Last Year’s Numbers – Start looking at last year’s numbers and see where all the golfers finished. Pay special attention to the second half of the season, since that’s the most recent golf information you have to go on. Some players come on late in the year and take that momentum into the next season.

Once you look at last year’s numbers and have updates and news on all the players on your list, start to put the two together. Figure out the golfers who seem to be having instability, injuries or other troubles in the offseason and move them down your list. Look at the ones buried down the list who came on strong in the latter part of the season and bump them up the list of golf rankings.

Once you do this, you’ll end up with fantasy golf draft rankings that look similar to last year’s numbers, but will have a whole lot of subtle changes. You’re setting odds on which players you think will improve and which should have a downturn in their careers. You’re not slavishly sticking with last year’s standings.

In the end, you might not get everything right, but you’re playing the odds. If you use good information and project the golfers’ potential into the upcoming golf season, you should hit on more than you miss and increase your odds of winning your fantasy golf league. Once you stack the odds in your favor, all you can do is hope for some fantasy golf luck.

How To Win at Weekly Fantasy Golf

If you’re playing in a weekly fantasy golf contest, you’re going to be looking at different factors than you did if you picked a fantasy golf team in a rotisserie league at the beginning of the year.

For one thing, you have a lot more information, or a lot more recent information. You are also deciding who you think will do best at one particular course, instead of over the course of a golf season. So you’re looking for specific factors instead of the big picture.

1. Past Performance at the Course – Look to see who has done the best at this event or on this course in past year. Some golfers’ games are better suited for certain coures. Some golfers know a particular course better than others. If they’ve done well at a course, that player might approach that tournament with a better strategy. So past performance on a course means a lot.

2. Learn Which Golfers Are Hot – Which golfers are playing best right now? Which golfers are battling through nagging injuries? Ride a golfer who has been hot until he starts to cool off. Avoid pro golfers who’s skill and stamina has been reduced by injury. While neither of these factors make it certain you pick the week’s best players, they increase your odds of doing so. That’s what any fantasy sports contest is about: weighting the odds in your favor and hoping for a little luck.

As a gauge for which golfers are hot, use a rubric like “who’s finished in the Top 10 the most over the past 6 tournaments or so”.

3. Which Golfers Have the Best Skills For the Course
– Once you have picked the players who have performed the best at the course in the past and you have picked the hottest golfers on tour, if you have more fantasy golf picks to fill out your squad, you’ll have to mix-and-match skill sets with the course.

Try to figure out which golfers have the best game for the course, regardless of past performance. If a golfer doesn’t drive the ball very far, but hits a lot of fairways and has a good game around the green, then pick him on a course that isn’t too long and rewards accuracy. If a player drives the ball a huge length, then pick him on the long courses with the open fairways.

4. Listen to the Experts – Once again, if you still have spots to fill, listen to the expert picks again.

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