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What Is a Premier Fantasy Football League?

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Premier Fantasy Football League Explained

Newcomers to American fantasy football will see “Premier Fantasy Football League” often when they start Googling fantasy football information online and probably wonder what the heck a premier fantasy football league is. If you’re at all familiar with the names of fantasy football scoring systems, you’ll probably think premier fantasy football is some kind of exotic scoring rule, like “deluxe fantasy football scoring” or “performance fantasy football scoring”.

Actually, it’s neither of those.

Premier League Fantasy Football

When you see the term “Premier Fantasy Football”, it’s almost always going to refer to a fantasy sports league based around the exploits of the English Premier League. It’s talking about English football and not American football. Yes, that’s right, Premier League Fantasy Football is talking about soccer.

What Is the English Premier League?

The English Premier League is the major leagues of English football, ie English soccer. The English Premier League is to English soccer what the National Football League is to American football, or the NBA is to basketball or Major League Baseball is to professional baseball. It’s the creme de la creme of the sport.

Sure, the other European countries have their own major leagues, and some of those are on a par with the Premier League. You have the Serie A in Italy and La Liga in Spain, which have teams (AC Milan, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona) almost as famous if not just as famous as Manchester United. Germany has the Bundesliga, which is a prestigious league, too.

Sometimes, a club from one of these leagues will pay more for a player than an English Premier League football club would, such as Real Madrid’s amazing purchase of Cristano Renaldo from Manchester United this offseason. But the English Premier League is still considered the elite soccer league in the world today.

The UEFA stats bear that out. (Note: EUFA stands for Union of European Football Associations, and governs European soccer.)

Over the last five years, the English Premier League has a higher “UEFA coefficients” rating than any other European soccer league, meaning they have done better in international tournaments between clubs than any other league, all totaled. The other leagues have their moments, but the Premier League is the most consistently excellent league in international football.

Barclays Premier League

Because the English Premier League is sponsored by Barclays Bank, headquartered in London, the league is officially known as “Barclays Premier League”. Teams play for the Premier League Cup.

Why Does “Premier Fantasy Football” Show Up So Much on the Internet?

Because the English Premier League is the most prestigious soccer league in the world, and the bulk of the reporting of that league is done in the English language, and soccer is the dominant global sport in just about every country outside of America, you’re going to see a lot of references to premier football when you Google football news. Since everyone except Americans tend to call soccer “football”, all that soccer information shows up in our beloved real fantasy football news.

And believe me, those Brits love their fantasy football, er, fantasy soccer almost as much as we love our American fantasy football.

The Premier Football Has Nothing To Do With the NFL?

Long story short, a “Premier Fantasy Football League” is simply a fantasy sports league based on the stats of English soccer results.

So when you are searching the Internet for fantasy football news and you come across phrases like “premier fantasy football news” or “Barclays fantasy football updates”, you can just ignore those pages. That has nothing to do with our conversation.

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