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Top 20 Running Backs to Start in Week 5

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Who To Start – Who To Sit – NFL Week 5

With the Chargers, Saints, Packers and Bears on bye week in NFL Week 5, we have some of the traditional fantasy football rushing stars sitting on fantasy benches. You might have to pull someone off the bench to fill out a lineup this week; luckily, there are some outstanding matchups for running backs on the verge of the starting lineup.

We begin our list with the elite of fantasy football, though.

1. Adrian Peterson – Minnesota Vikings RB – The best runner in the league against the awful St. Louis Rams. This hardly seems fair.
2. Maurice Jones-Drew – Jacksonville Jaguars RB – The Jags Offense has been pretty good since their Week 1 flop and the Seahawks are the 29th-ranked defense in fantasy football against running backs.
3. Rashard Mendenhall – Pittsburgh Steelers RB – It’s amazing what a couple of weeks will do in the NFL. Mendenhall was benched two weeks ago and considered a bust. One injury and he’s coming off a 190+ yard game and facing the Detroit Lions in his second start. Willie Parker is doubtful to play with a turf toe.
4. Chris Johnson – Tennessee Titans RB – The only chance the Titans have is to shorten the game by running the ball a lot and Chris Johnson is going against the 24th-ranked run defense. Anyone notice that LenDale White is getting almost no production in 2009?
5. Brandon Jacobs – New York Giants RB – The Giants seem to be beating up on an endless stream of bad teams; the Raiders are the latest. The Oakland D is 25th against the run in the NFL.
6. Tim Hightower – Arizona Cardinals RB – The Cardinals are coming off a bye week and go against the 30th-ranked Houston Texans Defense. At 1-2, Arizona should get even in the win column again and I’m saying Ken Whisenhunt still doesn’t trust Beanie Wells, after his 2-fumble performance in Week 2.
7. Jerome Harrison – Cleveland Browns RB – Another starter out of nowhere, but James Davis is on I.R. and Jamal Lewis is expected to miss another game. Jerome Harrison had a good game last week against a decent Bengals Defense and he’s going against the reeling Buffalo Bills this week.
8. Brian Westbrook – Philadelphia Eagles RB – Westbrook is a forgotten man in fantasy football so far, due to injuries and bye weeks, but he’s a go this week and the Eagles get to play the freaking awful Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Watch the Bucs’ slow safeties try to chase down Westbrook all day.
9. Marion Barber – Dallas Cowboys RB – Marion Barber appears to be a week healthier and the Kansas City Chiefs defense is awful. Even if Barber takes himself out of the game late again, he should have accummulated plenty of stats.
10. Knowshon Moreno – Denver Broncos RB – With Correll Buckhalter likely out, the Broncos rookie finally gets his chance to carry the main load. The Patriots Defense is winning, but it’s not nearly as imposing as it once was (15th rated).
11. Michael Turner – Atlanta Falcons RB – The Falcons are coming off a bye week and tough loss the week before, so I bet they try to establish the run. The 49ers Defense is greatly improved, but stopping the run has been their greatest weakness the last few years, and they are still only 23rd against the run in the NFL.
12. DeAngelo Williams – Carolina Panthers RB – Another team coming off bye. In this case, the Panthers are in a must-win situation, so they’ll go back to what made them 12-4 last year and put them in the playoffs. The Washington Redskins are 5th against the run, but that’s playing a creampuff schedule including the Rams, Lions and Bucs. Haynesworth should be back for the Skins, but he’s still not 100%.
13. Marshawn Lynch – Buffalo Bills RB – In his second week back from suspension, Marshawn Lynch should put up better numbers than Week 4. One big help is the Cleveland Browns 32nd-ranked defense coming to town.
14. Ronnie Brown – Miami Dolphins RB – Ronnie Brown looked great against the Bills in the Fins’ 38-10 shellacking of the Bills last week, but the New York Jets Defense comes to town and I’m a little concerned about Chad Henne against that blitz. The Dolphins will run, run, run the ball to beat the blitz.
15. Glenn Coffee – San Francisco RB – Coffee didn’t have huge numbers against the Vikings two weeks ago or even the Rams last week, but the first is par-for-course for RB’s and the second was because the Niners Defense kept scoring touchdowns and therefore they were on the field all day. The Falcons run defense is #18 and that’s likely how the Niners will try to attack them.
16. Willis McGahee – Baltimore Ravens RB – You might replace McGahee with Ray Rice here, if your league values yards over touchdowns. The Ravens get to play the Bengals and we start to see if the 10th-ranked run Bengals Defense is for real. McGahee leads all NFL runners with 7 touchdowns after 4 weeks.
17. Joseph Addai – Indianapolis Colts RB – Addai has a bad matchup against the 2nd-ranked Titans defense against runners, but the Colts Offense is clipping along at such a pace, it gives everyone on the field a chance to score touchdowns and put up numbers, especially in the passing game.
18. Kevin Smith – Detroit Lions RB – Kevin Smith has a tough matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 5, but Smith has shown amazing consistency these past two years playing on the awful Lions. He won’t have player-of-the-week numbers, but expect Kevin Smith to put together enough receiving stats and perhaps a sneaky touchdown to make up the difference he’ll lose rushing the ball.
19. Ray Rice – Baltimore Ravens RB – Ray Rice and Willis McGahee have proven to be among the best 1-2 punches in fantasy football this year. Depending on your format, one or both of these guys has been solid every week. Rice doesn’t get many touchdowns, but his rushing yards and catches out of the backfield make up for that in other areas. Le’Ron McClain is relegated to a fullback role, which opens up the fantasy numbers for Rice and McGahee.
20. Steve Slaton – Houston Texans RB – Steve Slaton is finally showing signs of life. Slaton plays the #1 defense against running backs in 2009 and a team coming off a bye week, but the Texans and Cardinals should have a shootout and I expect Slaton to get his share of the numbers.

More Running Backs to Consider

Tashard Choice, RB, Dallas Cowboys vs the Chiefs
Fred Jackson, RB, Buffalo Bills vs the Browns
Thomas Jones, RB, New York Jets vs the Dolphins
Clinton Portis, RB, Washington Redskins vs the Panthers
Julius Jones, RB, Seattle Seahawks vs the Jaguars
Chester Taylor, RB, Minnesota Vikings vs the Rams

Remember to Bench – Bye Week Running Backs

Ladainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers
Darren Sproles, San Diego Chargers
Matt Forte, Chicago Bears
Ryan Grant, Green Bay Packers
Reggie Bush, New Orleans Saints
Pierre Thomas, New Orleans Saints

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