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The Ultimate Fantasy Football Toolbox – 100 Tips, Tools and Resources for Fantasy Football Owners

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by John Clifton

27,000,000 people every year play fantasy football,  and it seems like you can find 27,000,000 websites devoted to fantasy football games. But if you’re looking for an edge over the other players in your league, this fantasy football toolbox should help. The following 100 links point to fantasy football websites with the tips, tools and resources to help you have a great fantasy football season, then remind your friends and rivals about it for years to come.

Fantasy Football Guides

For the beginning and intermediate fantasy football owner, these fantasy football definitions, draft guides and strategy articles will get you up to speed in no time.

  1. Rotosource Fantasy Sports Guide – Offers links to 25 different articles to beginners on basic fantasy football, draft strategies, scoring systems.
  2. FF Draft Beginners Guide – Advice on how to approach your very first fantasy football draft, so you don’t look like a rookie while drafting or get skunked in your first fantasy season.
  3. Rookies Draft Guide – For a second opinion on how to draft in fantasy football, here’s another draft how-to column for the newbie fantasy football player.
  4. Fantasy Football Glossary – A quick and basic glossary of fantasy football terms, in case our more detailed glossary is too involved for you at the moment.
  5. Fantasy Football Strategy – Strategy guides to help you win, whether you play in an auction league, redraft league or keeper league.
  6. NFL Draft Analysis – Site which covers the yearly NFL Draft, from mock draft leading up to draft day to final draft grades and how rookies will affect the upcoming NFL Season.
  7. FF Strategy – Strength of schedule analysis, as well as discussions of various fantasy football draft strategies: block strategy, target strategy and tier strategy.
  8. Draft Sharks Fantasy Experts – Draft Sharks offers advice, articles, yearly projections, weekly rankings and news updates for a once-a-year $40 subscription.
  9. A Statistician’s Draft Guide – A short and somewhat dated opinion on how to draft, but one that still gives common sense fantasy football advice backed up by solid stats.
  10. Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy – Links and articles with fantasy football strategies both before your draft and once the season is underway.

Fantasy Football Draft Tools

Every fantasy football season starts with a fantasy draft, so here are the tools you need to have the best draft day of any player in your fantasy football league.

  1. Fanhouse Draft Kit – Includes strategy guides, previews for all 32 NFL teams, breakouts, sleepers, busts, mock drafts and your choice of cheat sheet.
  2. Fantasy Draft Board – Purchase a draft board to use at your draft, large enough for everyone to see, with stickers of all fantasy football players likely to be drafted.
  3. Printable Cheat Sheets – Fantasy Sports Central gives you dozens of printable cheat sheets, for fantasy football and other fantasy sports.
  4. NFL Player Outlooks – FF Toolbox has rankings and predictions broken down in dozens of different ways.
  5. Dr. Stats Fantasy Sports – Offers rankings, news and podcasts on the latest information from the NFL.
  6. Fantasy Football Draft Strategies – Has dynamic value based drafting strategies, cheat sheets, tips on trading and a treatise on why fantasy football magazines are so evil.
  7. Bruno’s Draft Kits – Contains fantasy football draft boards, need-it-now kits and locations of fantasy football draft sites.
  8. Commish Kit – Fantasy football league commissioners can purchase fantasy football draft boards and draft kits, to make your fantasy draft run smoothly.
  9. KFFL Cheat Sheets – Printable cheat sheets and player rankings for 10 different scoring systems, along with projections-by-position.
  10. Fantasy Football Realm – With over 500 player projections yearly, mock drafts, cheatsheets, stats leaders, projections and weekly updated rankings.

Fantasy Football News

When preparing for your fantasy draft and trying to navigate your team through the countless injuries and unexpected player moves of the NFL season, you need sources of NFL and fantasy football players new. These ten sites should give you the news updates you need.

  1. 4 For 4 – Offers extensive news coverage of the NFL, including a cumulative injury report, reception workload analysis and offensive/defensive matchups previews.
  2. RotoTimes – News and updates throughout the NFL season with some of the quickest newsfeeds in fantasy football.
  3. Fantasy SportsNET – Fantasy football telecommunications with mobile phone alerts and new player apps, so you never have to be without fantasy news updates.
  4. Sandlot Shrink – Touts itself as the only fantasy football expert service which actually talks to people inside the NFL, from scouts to GM’s.
  5. Fantasy Football Injury Reports – Individual player news from all 32 NFL cities, more detailed than most other ff injury updates.
  6. FF Jungle – Your source for weekly player rankings and power rankings, including a “Week in Review” section, waiver wire picks, Top 30 lists and fantasy football podcasts.
  7. Fantasy Football Today – FF community with articles, rankings, projections, news, stats, tools, NFL resources and forums.
  8. Addict Fantasy Sports – Includes hosting for fantasy leagues in several sports, as well as injuries, depth charts, live scoring and fantasy football advice columns.
  9. Top Fantasy Football News – Alltop includes links to some of the best fantasy football news websites online, if you have trouble remembering the best places to get fantasy football news.
  10. Fantasy Football Champs – FFC offers top stories, “my teams” reports, customizable cheatsheets, a team analyzer and “rest of the way” rankings.

Fantasy Football Advice

When news updates aren’t enough, you can find fantasy football tips, suggestions and advice from fantasy veterans who’ve been through untold fantasy football campaigns and won more than a few fantasy league titles in their time.

  1. Fantasy Cafe Podcasts – Fantasy Cafe offers news for five different fantasy sports, including fantays football podcasts.
  2. Fantasy Football Advice – Advice on trades, free agents, injuries and all fantasy football transactions. Post your trade and get advice from other ff players.
  3. Pro Fantasy Sports – “Sports Buff” offers weekly cheat sheets throughout the NFL season, giving up-to-date information on injuries, key match-ups and other trends.
  4. Fantasy Sharks – Includes detailed bench/start projections as well as an add/drop list, so you have the heads-up on the latest waiver wire trends in fantasy football.
  5. Pancake Blocks – This column on Rotoworld is updated every day of the NFL regular season and gives analysis of every real world move and how it might affect your fantasy team.
  6. Fanhouse Fantasy Football – Columns and analysis of fantasy football from big sports media members like Jay Mariotti and Kevin Blackistone.
  7. Fantasy Football Draft Software – Offers “The Coordinator”, a fantasy draft tool that keeps track of draft picks and analyzes your opponents’ tendencies.
  8. First Place Sports Software – Yearly software updates to help league commissioners and individual owners keep track of their fantasy football draft.
  9. Rotosource Free Fantasy Football – Includes a guide to fantasy sports, player projections, player projection comparisons, website reviews and ratings.
  10. Fantasy Football Goat – Includes weekly “start ‘em and sit ‘em” columns, hot hands and sleeper picks to help you win your fantasy football.

Fantasy Football Free Agent Tips

It’s easy to miss who the best ff free agent is or who just got benches, so we offer the latest injury reports, waiver wire news, depth chart information, add/drop candidates and bench/start suggestions.

  1. JAWS NFL Football – “Just Another Web Site” offers NFL season breakdowns, from weekly match-ups to easy-to-find bye week information.
  2. Creative Sports Articles – Includes fantasy football articles and coverage of all the moves in the National Football League.
  3. Fantasy Sports News – Rotodoc fantasy sports news contains detailed ff draft kits, fantasy football tips, player rankings and draft guides.
  4. Fantasy Depth Charts – Rotowire depth charts are updated daily, though you’ll need to subscribe to see most of the NFL depth charts.
  5. Sports Grumblings – With player updates, weekly rookie reports, waiver wonders, useful columns like “Fire Sale: Road to Ruin” and even consistency ratings.
  6. Fantasy Football Challenge – Quick player news and injury updates, useful fantasy research tools, team stats, rosters and position charts and the Fantasy Football Challenge headline news.
  7. Sporting News Fantasy Football – Several useful fantasy resources, including Sporting News “chat replays”, IDP advice, weekly rankings and cheat sheets.
  8. Fantasy Index Weekly – Notes for all 32 teams, analysis of all 16 NFL games and forecasts for how everyone will do in this week’s game.
  9. Athlon Sports Fantasy Football – Site by Dan and Kelly Grogan, who bring 64 years of combined analyst experience to their preseason package and in-season package.
  10. Fantasy Football Search – Access to fantasy football podcasts, gametime blogs, guru content, draft tools, expert analysis and AJ’s weekly video rant.

Fantasy Football Teams

No fantasy football team is complete without a memorable team name and logo, while wearing fantasy team merchandise will help annoy your friends at the annual draft or your weekly fantasy football watching parties.

  1. FF Spiral – NFL and fantasy football memorabilia, so you can bring just the right good luck charms to your fantasy draft.
  2. Quest Fantasy Football – Offers online fantasy football leagues for serious players, including keeper leagues and dynasty leagues.
  3. Keeper Fantasy Leagues – Where you can join a brand new keeper league or buy an abandoned old keeper team and fix it up.
  4. Fantasy Football Team Names – Playerline offers the world’s largest list of fantasy football team name ideas, from Assblasters to Zero Tolerance.
  5. Team Logos – Not only can you create fantasy football team logos, but you can order jerseys and mini-helmets with your team logo on it.
  6. Team Name and Logo Generators – This site lets you generate random fantasy football team names and corresponding ff team logos.
  7. Letterman Jackets – Stewart & Strauss custom makes varsity letter jackets and your fantasy logo and team name would look great on one of their jackets.
  8. Fantasy Football Rings – For those owners really proud of their long-awaited title, buy a fantasy football championship ring to wear to your next draft.
  9. Fantasy Toolbox Name Generator – More fantasy football name ideas for those ff owners who love completely off-the-wall team names.
  10. Fantasy Football Directory – The search has been done, so you can find draft kits, collectibles, merchandise and a whole lot of tools to make your ff season fun and successful.

Fantasy Football League Management Tools

You won’t believe all the fantasy football businesses exist out there, but you can find a website or company for anything fantasy-related: fantasy football trophies, fantasy insurance, league prize money banking or trade analyzers to avoid disputes.

  1. Fantasy Trophies – Offers large hand-made trophies “worth bragging about”, from the dramatic to the comical, including “The Throwback” and the “Armchair Quarterback”.
  2. Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer - Analyze your league’s fantasy trades, so when the guys accuse you of cheating the rookie out of your players, you can cite an independent trade analysis.
  3. Fantasy Football Team Analyzer – Once your fantasy draft is over, go to this “rate my roster” tool to see how good you team looks on paper.
  4. Football Guys Trade Calculator – This automatic trade analysis is amazingly detailed for an automated tool and can calculate percent improvement for trades up to 5 players per side.
  5. Draft Pick Trade Analyzer – Put in the draft picks or players being traded and get an instant opinions on whether you’re a fantasy genius or a fantasy fool.
  6. Mock Drafts – Join one of an endless stream of fantasy football mock drafts in the ff preseason, preparing for draft day of your local fantasy league.
  7. Fantasy Football Schedules – League schedule templates for fantasy leagues between 6 and 32 players, you’ll never have to sweat out a hand-made league schedule again.
  8. Draft Auction Software – If you’re a league commissioner running your first ff draft auction, this site gives you all the tools you need to run a fantasy football draft auction.
  9. Fantasy Football Insurance – No joke, you can take out an insurance policy on the valuable members of you fantasy football team, to pay your league entry fees, if they miss a certain numbers of games.
  10. LeagueSafe Fantasy Football League Finance – For those leagues that don’t trust the commissioner to hold onto the money, you can bank your money with LeagueSafe, partnered with BanCorp.

More Fantasy Football Contests and Games

There are all kind of alternative fantasy football games and contests you can play out there besides your annual fantasy football league. Heck, there are even fantasy football alternatives specifically for your long-suffering wife and kids.

  1. Fanpool Weekly Fantasy Football – A free NFL pool, where you pick NFL games against the spread against other NFL fans who frequent the site. Keep track of winners on a video-game style leaderboard all year.
  2. Fanball Weekly Contests – Fanball offers many yearly leagues, but also single-week contests where you select a new team each week and put a little money on the line.
  3. Youth Fantasy Football – Fantasy football leagues designed specifically for kids age 10 to 18, so you don’t have to deal with all those 35-year old children.
  4. Fantasy Football Hub – Site with 30 different categories with links, from newsletters, draft strategy websites, survivor games, free contests, classifieds and much more.
  5. FF BookMarks Pickem Pools – All kinds of pick’em pools and contests for the NFL, including NFL bracket pools and big game proposition pools.
  6. Fantasy Sports Live – Weekly fantasy football contests involving 2, 6 and 10 player contests with entry fees and prizes from $1 to $100 and beyond.
  7. Rotohog Fantasy Contests – Weekly ff contests in several different play styles, from salary cap contests to draft & trade contests to fantasy stock exchange.
  8. Fantasy Football For Women – A fantasy football site designed specifically to introduce women to winning fantasy football, with names, logos, guides, strategy and tailgating recipes.
  9. Girls Fantasy Football – Another fantasy football league site for women to learn about the hobby their husbands love so much 5 months a year.
  10. Women Against Fantasy Football – For those wives who want no part of their husbands’ and boyfriends’ stupid hobby, here’s a wealth of anti-fantasy football apparel, news and forums.

Fantasy Football Blogs

When the draft guides and strategy articles aren’t timely enough for you, check out a few fantasy football blogs for daily information and opinions, or simply a good laugh about what other peoples’ fantasy football life is like.

  1. Fantasy Football at Statleader – Blog with opinions and fantasy analysis of all the transactions, injuries and roster moves in the NFL.
  2. Fantasy Guru Blog – Fantasy football information, news and opinions from ESPN dotcom fantasy analyst, John Hansen.
  3. Footblog – Fantasy football and NFL news updated 24/7 with features like “All Goodell”, Union Rap, fantasy football tweets, FF librarian and the Bruno Boys.
  4. Fantasy Football Librarian – Gives ff players fantasy analysis and links to all kinds of start/bench and waiver wire advice from throughout the Internet.
  5. Razzball Fantasy Football Blog – Excellent fantasy football opinions on general fantasy strategies, including advice on bye week strategies and what Razzball calls “sleeper math”.
  6. Extra Points by Russ Bliss – Russ Bliss hosts radio shows on fantasy sports while writing a fantasy football column on Fantasy Football Starters.
  7. 11Alive Fantasy Blog – Fantasy football advice and football commentary from a team of bloggers at 11-Alive.
  8. Humor Bloggers FF Blog – Humorous fantasy football blog about one man’s fantasy football team, with videos and photos to underscore the jokes.
  9. Fantasy Football Gab – The definitive fantasy football blog, with bench/start advice and information from the fringes of the waiver wire.
  10. News-Herald Fantasy Football – Northern Ohio local newspaper blog with a strange amount of fantasy football coverage, including weekly injury news and bench/start advice.

Fantasy Football Forums

When your league message board gets too heated or you need one last bit of advice before you pull the trigger on that trade proposal, go to a fantasy football forum and get the perspective from lots of helpful fantasy football veterans.

  1. Addict Sports – Including specific message boards for all eight NFL division, college football and the football archives from threads of yesteryear.
  2. NFL Fanz – NFL news and discussions, NFL Smackdown and trash talk, as well as a section devoted specifically to fantasy football.
  3. Pigskinsanity – Message boards with discussions of dynasty & IDP leagues, fantasy news, opinions, NFL items, college football and their popular “Ask the Masses” fantasy forum.
  4. NFL Fever Forums – Everything from redraft talk, dynasty talks, “who do I start”, “rate and debate” and discussions of weekly fantasy football games.
  5. FF Mastermind Forums – With nearly 39,000 posts on 3,900 topics, FF Mastermind is one of the most active Fantasy Football forums on the Internet.
  6. The Sports Outlaw – These ff message boards include waiver wire helps, individual threads and help from the famous “Lineup Doctor”.
  7. Eat, Drink and Sleep Football – Contains “Around the NFL” and fantasy football sections, as well as their great NFL Draft forum and an NFL history section.
  8. Helmet 2 Helmet Forums – Fantasy football forum with individual threads on every subject known to fantasy football leagues, with separate sections on the National Football League.
  9. Fantasy Insights Message Board – Pro football and fantasy information for the “fantasy professional”, including lineups/matchups discussions, keepers, trades and lots of mock draft.
  10. RealTime Fantasy Sports Forums – The Realtime board has player news, help me!, the Commissioner’s Corner for struggling commissioners and dynasty league discussions.

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