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Telegraph Fantasy Football is a English football fantasy sports website run by The Daily Telegraph, the highest-circulation U.K. based newspaper. Telegraph Fantasy Football is a league management tools for fantasy football involving the English Premier League (soccer, for you American football fans). Telegraph Fantasy Sports also handles fantasy cricket leagues.

If you are searching the Internet for American fantasy football and you come across “Telegraph Fantasy Football”, you need to know that you’ve wandered into a English fantasy football domain. Unless you want to play fantasy football based on English soccer or another fantasy sports contest based on the cricket leagues, you’ll probably want to navigate away from the web address.

For those rare NFL fans who are also interested in the Premiership, here’s some of the background on the Telegraph fantasy football leagues.

The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph has been around since 1855 and has a headquarters on Buckingham Palace Road in London, England. The Telegraph publication is considered a right-of-center newspaper. Approximately 64% of its 800,000+ daily readers regularly vote Conservative. Of course, most of us fantasy football fans don’t care about English Premier Soccer, much less English politics.

Telegraph Fantasy Football

The Telegraph fantasy football site operates a yearly fantasy sports challenge that’s worth £110,000 this year. By American fantasy football standards, the Telegraph leagues are wild.

First of all, you pick a team of 11 players to start the game in one of four different soccer formations. But during the game, you can change your lineup up to 30 times, in the hopes of increasing your players’ chances of scoring. You get fantasy points based on whether your players appear in the game, get a goal or assist, is the man-of-the-match, has a clean sheet, for not conceding a goal during a substitute appearance, for a penalty save. The same players lose points for being sent off, for a booking, for missing a penalty, for an “own goal” or for a goal conceded.

Owners can compete in the superleague, a private league, in weekly contests and a number of other special contests, like the TFF Cups and Super20s competitions.

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