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Keeper fantasy football league rules differ from “redraft” league rules. In a redraft league, every player is on the market after every offseason. During the annual draft, every player in the NFL is up for grabs. But in a keeper league, teams keep some of their star players.

Keeper league rules allow successful teams continuity from one season to another. They also foster rivalries, because teams get tired of losing to the same NFL players.

Keeper League Rules

Keeper leagues allow teams to keep a stipulated numbers of players (usually 1-10) on their roster from one year to the next. However many players the team keeps, they sit out a corresponding number of rounds in the yearly draft. So if you keep 3 players, you sit out of the first 3 rounds of the draft. If you keep 10 keepers, you sit out the first 10 rounds of the draft.

This might seem pointless or disadvantageous to a team, but a team keeping 3 players might be getting that third player at a big discount.

How Keeper League Rules Work

Imagine having Adrian Peterson as a keeper in 2008, while you drafted Maurice Jones-Drew in the 2nd round and Michael Turner in the 5th round. Those were plausible picks in 2008. But in 2009, all three of those runners are on your roster, so you get to keep them as your 1st-2nd-and-3rd rounders. You get to select 3 of the consensus top 5 picks in most fantasy football drafts, while only giving up a 2nd and 3rd rounder for the last two guys.

That’s a huge advantage in a fantasy football league, especially in leagues with a flex position where you can start 3 running backs every week.

So keeper leagues let teams maintain an advantage from one year to the next. In deep keeper leagues, where you get to keep 8-10 players, you can keep your whole starting lineup and 1 to 3 key backups. That creates a lot of continuity. You might think it’s an unfair advantage, but the NFL is so unpredictable each year that keeping last year’s best players does not always (or even often) equate to having the best players this year. You ARE weighting the odds in your favor, which is the point of fantasy football. Luck matters in fantasy football.

There are even more radical keeper league rules than these, where you can weight the fantasy football odds even moire in your favor. These keeper leagues are called “dynasty leagues”.

Dynasty League Rules

In dynasty leagues, teams keep their entire rosters from the previous year. The only players drafted in dynasty league fantasy football drafts are NFL rookies. Teams’ draft spots are determined by last year’s records, much like the NFL. The worst record gets the first pick.

Fantasy football dynasty leagues are the most like the NFL. If you get a superstar player on your team, you keep them until they’re no longer a superstar – no questions asked. You can build a fantasy football dynasty, where you can terrorize your league year-in, year-out. Your rivals will hate Adrian Peterson if he’s in your lineup every week for the next 5-10 years.

Dynasty league rules are simple. When a guy is on your roster at the end of the year, you can keep him next year. Once the rookie draft is over, you make final roster cuts. Throughout the year, you can pick up free agents off the waiver wire, like any other fantasy football league. This creates more urgency with free agency, because anyone you pick up that breaks out can be a star for years.

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