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How To Make a Fantasy Football Draft Into an Event

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Hosting the Best Fantasy Football Draft Ever

The day of the fantasy football draft is a great day of the year for most fantasy football owners. “Fantasy Football Draft Day” is a lot like Christmas morning for grown men. Drafting a fantasy football team is like opening Christmas presents, while the anticipation of drafting those players is a whole lot of fun, too.

Fantasy football drafts are exciting for us guys. But if you’re the fantasy football league commissioner and you want your fantasy football draft to stand out from the rest of the drafts this year, here’s advice on how to make your fantasy football draft an event.

Host the Draft in a Public Venue

Don’t host the draft in your house. Have the draft at restaurant, bar or other exotic location. This automatically turns your draft into an event. Many restaurants have private rooms and banquet rooms, which are great for a fantasy football draft. Banquet rooms are great, because they often come with a public address system or microphone. When everyone can step to the podium to announce their draft pick, it just makes the draft seem cooler.

There are all kinds of possibilities for where to host your draft event. Some sports bars have special packages for fantasy drafts. Guy restaurants like Hooters also hosts fantasy football drafts. I’ve known league that have their draft in Las Vegas or some regional gambling location. Some host their fantasy football events in a hotel room. Our local league had our fantasy football draft on an 80-foot houseboat on a lake one year.

Get exotic. Setting is everything. Find some crazy location to have your draft and turn your draft into an event.

Alcohol Helps the Event

Okay, there are going to be fantasy football owners who refuse to drink and draft. I respect that.

But there are some fantasy football fans who have to have alcohol at their draft. For those owners, make sure you have plenty of alcohol for them. This can only be an advantage. Besides, drinking and drafting can be fun (if the owners don’t drink and drive later).

Many great fantasy football draft stories start with a glass of alcohol. We had a guy one year get drunk one year and insist on drafting a field goal kicker who was no longer in the league. After informing the drunk the guy wasn’t a player anymore, we gave up and let him draft the kicker.

We had a guy get drunk and try to draft “Korean Robinson” instead of Koren Robinson one year. Back when Brett Favre was throwing to Packers receivers like Antonio Freeman and Anthony Morgan, there was an owner who got drunk and tried to draft “Morgan Freeman”.

One team had it’s name changed to “Thumbs Up”, because of a story I can’t really repeat, except it involves lots of alcohol, a cellphone camera and a lovestruck overweight woman whose name the league never knew. Well, and a thumb.

One commissioner brought a margerita machine to the draft. We had a league owner who owned a bar, so we got the bar to ourselves, a bartender and a cook: both of whom to take our orders.

While alcohol isn’t a necessity at a fantasy football draft, it does add a party atmosphere to the draft. And even if you don’t like drinking yourself, wouldn’t you prefer to have your opponents just a little bit impaired in their judgment?

Have An Emcee

Bring in someone to run the draft. If the commissioner conducts the draft, he’s going to have his mind on drafting his team 90%. He won’t have time to make the fantasy football draft an event.

So have an emcee who calls out every pick, announces who’s turn it is to draft and who is next, then have him announce how much time the team on the clock has remaining.

This makes the ff draft seem more of an event, having an announcer. Besides, that 10% of the time you are focusing on the event instead of drafting the best team is a competitive disadvantage.

Have a Non-Owner Man the Draft Board

Draft boards are great, but only if you have an outsider to write the names or put the stickers on the board. Otherwise, every single person is going to be putting up their own stickers, instead of keeping track of who they’re going to draft next and who has already been drafted.

You’ll get lots of confusion, the draft will drag and, inevitably, a handful of players will stop putting up their stickers. That means you’ll have to spend extra time doing it yourself.

A better plan is to have someone handle the draft board instead. It’s better when this person is a female and even better when this female is attractive. Consider hiring a someone to look nice, wear something revealing and smile while she puts stickers on the board for four or five hours.

Have a Time Limit on Draft Picks

If you let people take an indefinite amount of time on draft picks, you’ll have one or two owners who let their decision-making process drag on and on. This gets other teams impatient and makes the draft take all day long.

Get a hold on this right away. Set a time limit and don’t be afraid to announce how much time a team on the clock has. And if that team goes over the time limit, say out loud for everyone to hear to the owner on deck that they should have their pick ready.

Don’t force the team dithering to make a pick: just let the draft continue until they finally have a selection.

That usually makes fantasy football owners decide on their picks real quick.

Don’t Play Music

Some ff hosts think playing loud music makes a fantasy football draft into an event, like it’s a party. The problem is, loud music from NFL Films makes it hard to hear what the draft picks are.

You’re setting your league up to be screaming over the music all day, yelling out picks. You’re also setting it up where people are drafting players drafted 4 rounds ago, because they didn’t hear when the player was taken.

Plus, loud music blaring for four hours is annoying.

Hire Bikini Girls

If nothing else happens, hire bikini girls. Women with little clothing almost always make life more interesting. If you have bikini girls at your fantasy football draft, it becomes a party.

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