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Make Your Wife a Fantasy Football Fan

Many wives hate fantasy football. There’s even a term for women whose boyfriends and husbands abandon them during football season: “football widows”. If your wife is like the average woman, she’s likely to hate the NFL, college football and fantasy football all the same. Wives can’t understand why we abandon them on the weekends to sit in front of our tvs and cheer for people we’ve never met.

To make your life easier, you need to turn that animosity around. Getting your wife into fantasy becomes a matter of teaching her what fantasy football is about, relating fantasy football to her life and conveying to your wife why you enjoy fantasy football so much.

None of these is an easy process. But we’ve produced a guide for how you get your wife into fantasy football. Good luck.

1. Explain to Her Why You Enjoy Fantasy Football

Women like communication.

If you explain to her why you enjoy fantasy football, she’s more likely to understand why you devote 6 hours every Sunday afternoon in the fall to watching the NFL. When she understands your passion for fantasy football, she’s more likely to want to get into the sport herself. Both of these things will make your home life and sports life a whole lot easier.

When you explain to her, focus on several things.

  • It’s a Competition Between Friends – You get to compete with your buddies to see who’s got the best “football mind”.
  • Camaraderie Among Friends – The fantasy football draft is one of the only times all year you get to see a few of your old friends.
  • Enhances Enjoyment of the Sport You Love – You love football, but fantasy football makes you watch the game in a different way.
  • Winning money – There’s gambling involved, so if you win, you have a nice little Christmas bonus coming.
  • Winning…Period – Guys are competitive. Men like to win. At your age, fantasy football is the best way for men to compete in sports.

2. Teach Her the Basics of Fantasy Football

Next, teach your wife the basics of fantasy football and how it is played. Explain to your wife the basic concepts of fantasy football (NFL player stats equal points for your team). Explain to her how fantasy football scoring works. Go into detail about why you need more NFL news and updates to be a good fantasy football player.

When you show why it’s so darned important that Reggie Wayne and not Dallas Clark scores that touchdown for the Colts, she might understand your bizarre tantrums every Sunday.

If she seems confused, hand her one of your fantasy football magazines. This should start to explain your hobby to her somewhat. If that doesn’t work, send her to the Wikipedia article on fantasy football, have her Google “what is fantasy football” or just send her to this site.

3. Relate Fantasy Football To Her

This might sound like the hardest thing to do, but it’s actually one of the easiest. You just have to remember what’s important to your average woman: her relationships with friends, family and you. When you talk about fantasy football, try to drape the talk in how it lets you relate to your friends. This should remind her about her relationships with her friends and what activities they’re involved in that helps them relate.

Tell her that guys don’t like talking about personal stuff. Sports and entertainment takes their minds off the everyday stresses of a career. When guys get together outside of work, they want something to relate with one another about besides their job, politics or religion. That’s where sports comes in.

Then tell her that fantasy football takes that relationship to another level. Regular football is completely vicarious: you’re watching games with people you have no connection with. Fantasy football is different, though. Everyone picks players who will be on their team that year, and the one who picks the best set of players is considered the best fantasy football player that year. It’s a pride thing. Sure, you live vicariously, but there’s skill (and luck) involved, so you get to show you know better than your friends.

4. Get Real Basic – Explain Why You Choose Sides

If you have to get real basic, explain to your wife the reason why fans have a favorite team or favorite players in football. Sports are boring if you don’t care who wins. Whether it’s through loyalty to a school or hatred of a logo, through sports gambling or fantasy football, having a rooting interest makes sports entertaining.

It’s boring otherwise.

Watching a football game where you don’t care who wins and loses (or who does well) is like watching a movie where you don’t care what happens to the characters. It’s a complete waste.

5. Have Her Watch Football With You

One reason she resents your football watching is that it’s something you exclude her from. Fantasy football is your game, your hobby, your private time.

If you’re watching football, you might shush her when she wants to talk about something else. Of course, it’s an intrusion to bring the real world into your NFL watching, but that also doesn’t encourage her to get involved in your hobby.

So try to encourage her getting into fantasy football by having her watch the games with you. That might be a little taxing on your nerves for a while, because you’re going to have to answer a lot of questions no guy would ever ask about football. But if you want your wife to get into fantasy football, you’re going to need to be the one who does the bulk of the teaching.

6. Have Her Join a Fantasy Football League

Finally, if you really want to take the dive, have her join a fantasy football league with you and control her own team. Whether to save money or the embarrassment of asking your friends whether your wife can be in the league, you might consider joining an alternate league from your local fantasy football league: perhaps a Yahoo! fantasy football league or its equivalent.

Either the two of you can share a team, or you can manage competing teams in the same league.

When she’s competing and learning about all the football positions, she’ll learn the game a lot quicker.

Get ready for the fact that she might beat you. Contrary to what you might have built up in your head, fantasy football isn’t brain surgery. Anyone good with stats and willing to spend the time to figure out why you draft running backs higher than tight ends can compete and do well in fantasy football.

But you’ll never have to worry about either watching the NFL on Sunday or going to mall shopping, if you get your wife into fantasy football.

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