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Fantasy football cheat sheets are used by fantasy football owners as draft guides for their yearly fantasy football drafts. A fantasy football cheat sheet general includes several lists of fantasy player rankings by position, so you can mark off players as they are drafted and know the relative strength of each position, helping you decide when you should draft a player.

Combined fantasy football cheat sheets or Top 200 cheetsheats are often included. These fantasy value rankings give you an idea who you should be drafting if you want to follow the “best player available” philosophy, regardless of position. With the Top 100 or Top 200 player rankings, you have the advantage of keeping one single list and you mark off player names from that when they are drafted. Whoever is at the top of the list when it’s your turn to select, that’s who you draft.

Drafting from a Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

Some fantasy football owners I play with look down on the players who come into the draft with a cheat sheet from a fantasy football magazine. That’s because those players look like fantasy football amateurs, not even putting in the time to come up with their own player rankings list. That being said, I’ve seen guys draft off a cheat sheet and win a league. Sure, that requires a little bit of luck, but most of it does, anyway.

Don’t blindly draft off a cheat sheet. If you use magazine rankings, also bring with you an updated depth chart and take a look at the latest injuries. Fantasy Top Hundreds lists tend to be 2-3 months old, so that information is 2-3 months old. A lot happens in NFL training camps that will affect a fantasy football draft, from season-ending injuries to nagging injuries that change position battles to players getting in a coach’s doghouse.

If you don’t have updated fantasy football cheat sheets or you don’t mark up your list with the new updates (or remember it yourself), you’re likely to draft someone who’s out for half the season or who lost their starting job in the offseason – and you’ll get snickers when you draft this player.

Printable Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets

If you want to draft off ff cheat sheets, I would suggest you go to a respected online fantasy football site and print off their yearly fantasy football player rankings. These cheets are a lot more up-to-date, so you’ll be drafting off a list ranked using much more recent information. The last thing you want to find is you drafted an I.R. player with your 4th round pick. That’s a huge disadvantage to start the season that way.

FantasySportsHero will publish its own 2010 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets next summer and probably update them several times over the course of the training camp period. Right now, there’s no reason to put out our cheat sheet, but keep checking back. Looks like the 2009 fantasy football season is one of major transition, where fantasy stalwarts like Ladainian Tomlinson, Terrell Owens and Brian Westbrook are becoming increasingly irrelevant and new stars will be crowding the 1st and 2nd rounds.

Making Your Own Draft List

The most serious fantasy football owners want to create their draft lists. That’s the way I play fantasy football. I’ll go over last year’s numbers, factor in the offseason free agent moves and relevant NFL draft information and decide which players should improve and which should decline. It’s amazing what last year’s top performers list changes when you add a year to all the players’ ages and factor in the new team additions. The difference from one year to the next in fantasy football is huge.

I’ll project the numbers of each player, mainly by taking a look at their numbers last year and deciding whether I think those numbers will increase, decrease or roughly stay the same. Factor in the growth of the quarterback on that team, the addition or subtraction of coaches to that unit, whether the offensive line has improved or not and how other players on the team are likely to factor into the equation. Strength of schedule and any injury situations are always important.

Even when I intend on drawing up my own draft list, I take a look at other peoples’ cheat sheets and ADP lists on the mock draft websites. That’s to get some idea what other people are thinking and whether my projections are way out of line. I would encourage a peak at other cheat sheets, even if you draw up your own player rankings, but don’t look at them too much or too closely.

There’s a certain conformity that’s likely to happen, so you end up following the herd mentality, instead of truly breaking down and analyzing your projections for the next year. Maintain realistic predictions, but don’t assume that everyone else is right, if you think one particular player is wildly overrated or underrated.

The great thing about creating your own fantasy football cheat sheet is you can get the team you want, without a snap decision on draft day. For instance, I tend to have one or two players I wouldn’t draft under any circumstances. Last year, I had a bad experience after I drafted Larry Johnson in one league. This year, I simply left him off my draft list altogether. I didn’t care how far he fell, I believed Larry Johnson was finished and I didn’t want to deal with him on my team.

So when the 6th round came this year and Larry Johnson was still on the board, I didn’t make the mistake of thinking I was drafting for value by getting an old runner on a bad team who was pretty likely to get in Coach Todd Haley’s doghouse. Two months in the 2009 fantasy season, I’m really glad I didn’t have that temptation.

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