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50 Free Online Resources for Fantasy Basketball Geeks

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50 Useful Tools For Fantasy Basketball Fanatics

Fantasy basketball geeks need plenty of online resources to keep up their fantasy basketball habit. A “fantasy geek” is someone so obsessive about their fantasy sports, they surf the Internet looking for ever-newer sources of information about their chosen sport. So a fanatical fantasy basketball geek needs at least 50 websites devoted to their fb hobby.

With that in mind, we offer “50 Free Online Resources For Fantasy Basketball Geeks”. I’ve divided this megalist into 5 different sub-categories: . While all fifty resources offer free fantasy basketball content and news, some may have deluxe options that might cost a fee. Ignore those and use the free fantasy basketball content if you’re looking for free fantasy basketball news, updates and analysis.

Fantasy Basketball Draft Tools

1. Roto Evil Draft Guide – Includes a fantasy basketball draft guide, including breakdowns of points, assists, steals, threes, rebounds and all those other stats you need to consider.
2. Fantasy Basketball Draft Breakdown – NBA team breakdowns and how the offseason player movement and roster changes will affect the upcoming fb season.
3. Hoop Stats Fantasy Basketball Stats – Truly the ultimate source of NBA stats, research for the upcoming season by looking at comprehensive and easy-to-browse stats list from the 2008-2009 NBA season.
4. Mock Draft Central – Offering fantasy mock drafts in preparation for your local draft, while also reading editorial articles and even fantasy league classifieds for you to find an online league to play in.
5. HoopsKlyce Fantasy Basketball Consultant – Since 1996, has provided quality customized fantasy basketball draft reports and emailed newsletters.
6. Basketball Draft Kit – Fantasy basketball draft kit, including draft board and player labels to stick on the board as you draft NBA players.
7. Fantasy Basketball Draft Board Software – Instead of a standard draft board, impress your league with an electronic point-and-click draft board.
8. Four Fingers of Fantasy – “Four Fingers” is now offering their 2009 fantasy basketball draft guide, including the Top 40 point guards, shooting guards, small forwards, power forwards and centers, as well as a Top 250 overall list.
9. Fantasy Hoops Realm – Fantasy basketball news site with fb projections, rankings, cheat sheets, team outlooks and more.
10. Rotokingdom – Fantasy basketball talk, player rankings and articles from community members, including a 2009 draft outlook and breakdowns of players by position.

Fantasy Basketball Contests

Now that you have your fantasy basketball draft resources lined up, here’s a spot to join your own fantasy NBA contests. Most fantasy basketball league management sites and free fb contest pages offer their own fantasy basketball analysis and tips, so don’t ignore these if you aren’t interested in online fantasy basketball leagues and contests. And even if you are in several local fantasy basketball leagues, a fantasy basketball geek needs several more online leagues to join, just in case injuries happen to your main team.

11. Extreme Fantasy Basketball Leagues
– To help you find other NBA basketball geeks to compete against in fantasy basketball contests and leagues.
12. Fantasy Basketball Federation – Join a league or use their fantasy tools, fantasy outlook, player notes, rookie report, rumor mill and fantasy 411.
13. Fantasy Sports R Us – Keeper basketball teams for sale, along with fantasy basketball resource, fantasy reports and articles and a Hall of Fame for the greatest fb owners in the site’s history.
14. Mock GM Offseason Fantasy Basketball – Year-round fantasy basketball, with players, scores, stats, injuries, odds, news and chat.
15. Head-2-Head Fantasy Basketball – Weekly head to head contests in a 28-team fantasy basketball league, with a $100 million (fake) salary cap and a $5,000 grand prize.
16. Top Quality Stats – TQ Stats offers the NBA commissioner package, draft & play options, a basketball challenge and free fantasy football leagues to play in.
17. Basketball Monster – Offers professional tools for fantasy basketball, including a detailed Top 15 list for the 2009-2010 NBA season.
18. Free Fantasy Basketball Leagues – I hate to give something as corporate as the ESPN free fantasy basketball leagues, but you can create your own free league and get a wealth of fantasy basketball resources at the same time.
19. AtsCappers Fantasy NBA Contests – Offers monthly NBA fantasy basketball contests with a very different dynamic: picking contests against other NBA fanatics.
20. Fantazzle Weekly Basketball Contests – With two different fantasy basketball contest phases every week (Monday through Thursday and Friday through Sunday), you get twice the competition at Fantazzle.

Fantasy Basketball News

Joining a fantasy basketball league and drafting a team is only part of the game. You’ll need fantasy basketball news and NBA updates throughout the season, so you can make your start/bench decisions and free agent pickups when injuries, suspensions and bad match-ups happen during the long NBA season.

21. Empty The Bench – NBA trade rumors and news, including fantasy basketball info and extensive previews of all six NBA divisions.
22. Pro Sports Daily – Fantasy basketball advice updates several times a week, with stories like draft preps, familiar faces in new places, the Top 20 point guards and fantasy basketball grumblings.
23. What Is The Score? – Nice NBA scorebaord, with line up news, box scores, recaps, match-up information and previews of upcoming games.
24. Odds & News NBA – With a Top 25 scoring leaders list, news stories, transactions info, scoreboard, live odds and team updates.
25. Inside Hoops NBA Rumors – Rumor tidbits and news links to NBA coverage from all 28 NBA cities, which updates many times a day.
26. All-Top Fantasy Basketball – Including fantasy basketball links and news feeds from all over the blogosphere and Internet.
27. Hoops Avenue – Fantasy basketball preview with NBA rumors and schedule, stats, odds, player news and preseason game recaps.
28. Fantasy Basketball Online – Claiming to be the official website of fantasy hoops, it’s got depth charts, fantasy articles, latest news, schedule analyzer, message boards, the Pulse Blog and a fantasy university for newcomers.
29. Hoopsworld Free Fantasy Basketball – Hoopsworld offers a fantasy draft kit, cheat sheets, Top 100 and Top 40-by-position rankings, scores, states, videos and draft guides.
30. Slam Online – Your source for the best in basketball, from news & rumors, blogs, media kits and links to their magazine articles.

Fantasy Basketball Advice

Now that you have all the NBA and fantasy basketball news you might want, now’s the time to read some expert opinions, advice and comments on what’s happening in the fantasy basketball world.

31. Foulshots E-Zine – Online magazine providing NBA basketball news and analysis, opinions, fantasy hoops advice and humor.
32. Fantasy Basketball Cafe – Like their fantasy football counterpart, offers fantasy basketball forums, articles, tips, sleepers, ranking, podcasts and leagues you can join.
33. Dr. Fantasy Basketball – Contains a huge resource of profiles, rankings, tiers, projections, cheat sheets, depth charts, mock drafts and NBA team previews.
34. Every Joe Expert Fantasy – Experts fantasy sports advice and fantasy basketball tips, including blogs for all the major fantasy sports.
35. Larry Coon’s NBA Salary Cap FAQ – For those completely confused by the NBA salary cap here are the frequently asked questions answered.
36. Buser Sports Fantasy Basketball – Includes fantasy basketball information, analysis, mock drafts and dicsussions of the upcoming 2009-2010 NBA season.
37. Fantasy Basketball Directory – With links to player rankings, draft kits, projections, free leagues, news, blogs, forums, sleepers, podcasts and more.
38. Handicapping the NBA – While this covers other aspects of NBA betting, nobody covers the NBA day-to-day like the people with real money on the games: the gamblers.
39. The Bleacher Report – Fantasy basketball insight, opinions and tips from veteran fantasy hoops GM’s and veteran columnists.
40. Hoopscity Fantasy Basketball – Including fantasy basketball advice, analysis, charts, cheat sheets, stats, tips and news stories updated all hours of the day.

Fantasy Basketball Blogs

Fantasy basketball main pages and static websites don’t always have the information and analysis you need quickly enough, so here’s some fantasy basketball blogs that posted NBA news and opinions daily.

41. NBA Draft Express – NBA position rankings, blogs, columnists, features, forums and stats. Also includes international and D-league analysis for years ahead.
42. Ball Don’t Lie Blog – The BDL NBA blog covers the everything from the NBA season preview to the best links to find NBA music.
43. 20 Second Timeout – NBA blog where you can find “the best analysis and commentary about the NBA”, by David Friedman.
44. Give Me The Block – A blog about fantasy basketball, including links to local NBA fan blogs and posts about all the teams, even those like the
45. Full Court Roto Report – Blog with a fresh new way to look at fantasy basketball, with fantasy focus, nightly notables and a free agent pick ups list.
46. Buhay Basketball – All the way from the Philippines, this NBA fantasy basketball blog is packed with NBA information you’ll want to know.
47. Creative Sports News Links – Fantasy basketballers can look up the latest basketball articles, blog posts and news with a detailed links list.
48. Fantasy Basketball Guy – News and advice about NBA fantasy basketball, along with opinions and commentary on “everything else NBA”.
49. Points In The Paint – Fantasy basketball opinions, tips and strategy, including the top tier players by positions and the Top 72 players for head-to-head formats.
50. Basketball Free For All – Covering everything about the NBA, from the possible officials strike to the preseason to trade rumors.

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