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For the last 2 or 3 decades, fantasy sports games have been growing in popularity. Over 16 million adults in the USA play fantasy sports, and that number will continue to grow. Although fantasy baseball was the 1st fantasy sport to gain popularity, it's probably not as popular as fantasy football has become, because the intensity required of managing a fantasy baseball team for 162 games can be pretty daunting compared to the relatively light schedule offered by a fantasy football season schedule.

Fantasy sports isn't strictly an American phenomenon either. It's becoming a popular activity worldwide, and fantasy cricket and fantasy soccer leagues are popping up all over the place.

We launched Fantasy Sports Hero to provide a resource for free fantasy sports news and free fantasy sports advice.

What is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy Sports Games"Fantasy sports" originated with fantasy baseball, and it's played by fantasy owners who draft a make believe team from the sports' players. Usually there are rules for converting these players' statistics into points, and these points determine who wins. Sometimes there are more sophisticated games which use some kind of computer model to determine who wins.

The Legality of Fantasy Sports for Money

A recent development of interest to fantasy sports players is the passage of UIGEA, which made it illegal for offshore gambling operations to transfer money to and from US-based players. While some critics claim that fantasy sports is just another form of sports wagering, UIGEA specifically exempts fantasy sports from their coverage, making involvement in these types of contests of skill completely legal.

Companies as cautious and well-respected as Yahoo operate fantasy sports leagues.

New sites like FanDuel offer "sit and go" versions of fantasy sports contests, where players can draft a team for just a one night contest. This is perfect for players who don't have the time or energy to play a season long game of fantasy baseball or football with their buddies. They even take PayPal. (Use bonus code COWBOYS if you decide to sign up for an account with them; you can receive up to a $30 bonus.)

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The purpose of this website is to examine fantasy sports strategy for a variety of games, and to keep an eye on fantasy sports news and developments in the fantasy sports industries. The site is edited and owned by Randy Ray, and written by Cliff Spiller, Shane Rivers, W.F. Roby, and Randy Ray.

We'll include articles about all facets of fantasy sports games, from the basics of what fantasy sports are and how they're played to strategies for how to have a winning season, no matter what game you're playing. We also provide heaping doses of free fantasy sports advice.

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